Week 1 - 10

Data Structures & Algorithms

Foundational DS

Arrays (1D, 2D), Strings, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues


Master Theorem, Time and Space Complexity Analysis

Advanced DS

Trees, Graphs, Tries, Heaps, Priority Queues, Hashing Algorithms


Recursion vs Iteration, Memoization, Backtracking

Advanced Algos

Divide & Conquer, Quicksort, Binary Search, Bitmasking

Advanced Algos II

Dyanamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Knapsack Problem, N-Queens BST & Segment Tree

Week 11 - 16

Computer Science & System Design


OOP Basics, Inheritance, Overloading, Polymorphism, Templates & Generics


Process Management, Scheduling, Race Conditions, Threading Memory Management, Virtual Memory, File Systems


SQL, NoSQL, Queries, Normalisation, Indexing Tabular vs Columnar Data

System Design

HLD, LLD, Case Studies, Scaling


OSI Layers, IP addressing

Interview Prep

Rigorous practice questions, mock interviews, CV preparation

Week 17 - 24

Web Development


Latest HTML5 elements and CSS3 with flexboxes, media queries, Bootstrap and responsive frontends

Javascript Basics

DOM operations, animations, small projects (TodoList, Calculator)

Advanced Javascript

Closures, Prototypes, OOP in JS, Asynchronous behaviour, event loop

Node JS

Running Javascript on CLI / server, file and network operations

Express JS

Creating basic REST server with Javascript, middlewares, routers


Basic query operations with NOSQL. Database-connected projects (Shopping Cart, Blog)

Passport & Authentication

Cookies, Headers, Session Management. Login with password, Facebook login, Google login


Realtime communication, with projects (Chat app, collaborative code editor)

Deployment & DevOps

Deploying your website to Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud. Managing a Linux Server

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