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About the course

  • Learn from your home with Interactive Live classes
  • World class mentors with Industry aligned content
  • Guidance by Industry experts
  • Dedicated live Doubt support & dedicated Teaching Assistants
  • Placement assurance program
  • Course certificate upon completion
  • No upfront fee, pay only when you get hired

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The Roadmap

1. Apply

Students apply for the Career Bootcamp program by Clicking here

2. Take the test

Students take the online test which helps us evaluate their candidature

3. Get shortlisted

Students selected in the online test are shortlisted for an interview round

4. Interview round

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a face-to-face discussion over video chat

5. Start learning

Students selected after both rounds will be invited to enrol. A focussed batch begins its journey towards success

6. Get hired

Students will get guidance on resume & interview preparation and will appear for placements

Our Mentors

World-class mentors and industry-aligned content come together to train & guide the students to reach their destination - their dream jobs!

Kartik Mathur

Founding member


Lead mentor
(Ace Web dev | Jamia)


Lead mentor
(Competitive prog. | IP)

Kartik Sapra

Lead mentor


Lead mentor
(NSIT | IIIT Delhi)


Lead mentor
(IIIT Delhi)


Students have two options to pay, first one includes a partial upfront fee and 7.5% of salary for 2 years after placement with a cap of ₹1 lac & the other one has no upfront fee and 15% of salary for 2 years after placement with a max cap of ₹1.5 lac. Program & fee details are mentioned below:

Upfront model

₹ 30,000

upon Course start
7.5% of salary for 2 years
  • Interactive live classes
  • World class mentors
  • Industry aligned content
  • Dedicated Teaching assistant
  • Live Doubt support
  • Guidance by Industry experts
  • Assured Placements
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Minimum assured Salary of ₹5,00,000 CTC per year
  • ₹30,000/- upon Course start, 7.5% of salary for two years with a max cap of ₹1,00,000

Numbers that make us proud




Success stories


Years Teaching exp.



Success stories

We are extremely proud of our students and their success, which follows after their hard work and effort.



Coding Blocks is the best choice I made in my career. I always dreamt of making it to the Tech bigwigs and after having a discussion with one of the mentors at Coding Blocks, I decided that I will go with them. Everyone here is so brilliant, passionate and focussed. Coding Blocks helped me in becoming an ace coder and then with Mock coding rounds and experienced Industry coaches telling us how to crack various companies. Wish Coding Blocks all the success in future, big thanks.

Rishabh Kumar Bothra


I would like to thank Kartik Bhaiya, for his advice, support, and guidance. I learned a lot in my classes with Kartik Bhaiya. He paces the class in such a way that you feel challenged but not frustrated. Without his training and mentorship, it really helped me to upskill myself and crack placements.

Prince Mittal


Hello fellow coders, my name is Prince Mittal, coming from a very basic coding background I was very skeptical about my career ahead. I was later informed by one of my friend about the Career Bootcamp program at Coding Blocks. I visited the center and was so much convinced with the program, I got my hands on various DSA and Web-Dev projects which were indeed industry leading. All thanks to Kartik Mathur sir for his expert mentorship and getting me at Flipkart!

Paridhi Sachdeva

Adobe systems

Coding Blocks has helped me in mastering programming and in securing a job in my dream company. The Assignments are out of the world and help you become an Ace coder.


Share chat

Kartik bhaiya's teaching methods are great. They are very clear and concise. His classes seem like play but there is a lot of serious learning going on. I was already an intermediate student, but I learned something from every class, plus had a lot of fun doing it! It is because of Kartik bhaiya that I was able to land a job at ShareChat so easily. Thank you Coding Blocks!

Raj Kumar

Captain Fresh

I had a hard time solving even simple coding questions, I decided to take the Coding Blocks course. Coding Blocks designed all the courses so carefully and discreetly that I noticed a big change in my performance within a few weeks. Everything was going step by step. Before the Captain Fresh interview, I had a stronghold on Data Structure and Algorithms and CS fundamentals which helped me sail through the crucial interview rounds and landed me a job as a SDE at Captain Fresh. I owe my success to Coding Blocks!

Iti Jain

Morgan Stanley

Hands on coding & problems discussed in classes turn the tide & helps you excel. Coding Blocks not only strengthened my coding but also helped me come up as a full stack Web dev.

Aditi Aggarwal

Goldman Sachs

Coding Blocks has played a phenomenal role in my success. The Mentors are really awesome, knowledgeable and are always there to help you out. Its a great experience with CB.



Kartik Bhaiya is a considerate teacher who genuinely cares for his students. He not only helped me learn to code but also encouraged me every time I failed in any interview. He has an amazing way of breaking things down to make them understandable, and keeping it simple and fun. Today I am an SDE at Clever Tap and I owe Coding Blocks my success.


We all have questions & it's good to have them answered.
Here are a few quick ones we could think of
For anything specific, please feel free to email us on [email protected]

Yes. As a College student, you can attend your college and this program at the same time. Classes will be held in evening in the Weekday program. So, whether you are in 3rd year or 4th year, the program would be beneficial for you. You just need to remember that this program demands your full attention and would involve a lot of effort from your side.

Yes. As a Working professional, you can attend your office and this program at the same time. Classes will be held in evening in the Weekday program. So the program would be beneficial for you. You just need to remember that this program demands your full attention and would involve a lot of effort from your side.

We will test your Programming skills by giving you problems on loops, patterns etc. We will also check your skills in Data structures and algorithms.

Yes, you can take the test again. But we would suggest you to prepare well and then appear for a retest.

You will have access to all the recorded lectures, which can be accessed anytime over the portal.

Career Bootcamp program by Coding Blocks assures you of a minimum Job offer when you join and start your program. If you are not able to get any Job offer equal to or above the assured package and remain unemployed, you do not need to pay.